Since the Resort Trades is mailed to the Every Resort Ever Month, we focus each edition on a different, key target theme throughout the year.

Editorial Calendar

  • January 2018   Top New Year’s Resolutions – Weigh in on How to Increase Revenue
    What plans are resort operators making to make themselves more successful this year?
  • February 2018 Leadership Issue – 2017 CEP Award Winner Announced
    The Trades’ HR issue looks at hiring, training and motivating staff in every department.
  • March 2018 Technology – From Management to Internet Marketing 
    A ‘must-read’ for resort operators who want to stay current, enhance revenue and save on costs.
  • April 2018 The ARDA World issue 2018 Annual Convention & Expo; May 6-10, 2018.
    Extra distribution to thousands of resort professionals attending ARDA World 2018.
  • May 2018 Recreation: Spas, Golf, Outdoor Play & Pools
    What are the latest trends for managers and resort operators to watch for, when seeking ways to attract and maintain owners/members and guests?
  • June 2018 Top Resorts – A look at the “Big Ten.”
    Who are the top developers, resorts, exchange companies? What are their secrets to success?
  • July 2018 The Money Issue
    As the year-end approaches, we will look at helping resort operators grow revenue, expand opportunities, serve their owners and guests better, streamline costs.
  • August 2018 HOA Annual Meeting
    Resort managers need the latest product and service information while preparing budgets for the annual meeting.
  • September 2018 Marketing & Sales
    A how-to manual on the latest on- and off-line marketing and sales secrets.
  • October 2018 Refurbishment and Design/SOIC Conference
    How to beautify and maintain your resort, inside and out!
  • November 2018 Legacy Resorts/ARDA Fall Conference
    A look at the challenges mature resorts face, including insurance, accounting, legal, reserves, and management.
  • December 2018 Management Company Review
    A comparative review of major top management companies.

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