While other magazines cut back and skimp on distribution, Resort Trades mails thousands of more magazines in the United States than the competition… and HERE’S the certified 3607 mailing statement to prove it! (The Post Office receipt for magazine mail is known as a ‘3607.’)

Companies who are honest about their mailing numbers will freely give you access to their latest 3607.

Resort Trades has saturated the industry for more than 28 years with over 5,800 individual copies mailed every single month. The 3607 is readily available upon request.

Having produced Resort Trades for more than 30 years has provided us with unparalleled experience in knowing how to utilize print and online media to promote our clients. Resort Trades is active on the four major social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube through which we continuously socialize industry news. The philosophy behind our active online marketing is to drive more business to advertisers. Please ‘follow,’ ‘friend,’ ‘like’ and join us on all social platforms for the full experience that Resort Trades offers.