We keep our prices down well below our competitors by choosing high-quality low-cost paper and ink. We use a local printer so we can monitor every print and keep shipping costs down to a minimum.

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The online and print Resort Trades Members Directory has been created specifically for resort professionals to use when buying products or services. Enhancing your presence in the Members Directory ensures that your company’s brand and message are delivered directly to

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Resort Trades offers “sponsored content” capability in which you can brand yourself as a subject matter expert (SME) in the article. By using sponsored content you get the reach of Resort Trades without the publishing costs, plus third-party credibility.

Direct Marketing

Your company’s preprinted materials can be included as inserts with the Resort Trades to allow you to reach resort professionals and management companies for far less than the cost of mailing them yourself. Your materials will be placed in the

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Distribution Comparisons

Distribution Comparisons

While other magazines cut back and skimp on distribution, Resort Trades mails thousands of more magazines in the United States than the competition… and HERE’S the certified 3607 mailing statement to prove it! (The Post Office receipt for magazine mail...

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What our clients have to say

“I’ve advertised for more than 20 years in various industry publications, other than Resort Trades. After a relatively short period of time, I just got a lead from your publication! Now, I’m a believer!” –

Dennis F. DiTinno CEO, Real Estate Broker Liberte’ Management Group, OPI, Inc.

ARDA and Resort Trades have a very important relationship. ARDA very much appreciates how The Trades’ CEO Tim Wilson and Publisher Sharon Wilson, RRP, volunteer much of their time to serving on councils and committees. Whenever ARDA wants to send a message to timeshare resort professionals, they are happy to help.

Howard Nusbaum Former ARDA President


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